A Guide To Youthful Nutrition

Nutritious, wholesome food provides the building blocks for great skin, and of course feeling well and preventing disease. I am passionate about food and leading a healthy lifestyle. I have been researching the impact of foods for many years  and while it is naive to believe that changing the way you eat is going to wipe out your existing wrinkles, it is just as naive to think you can eat what you want without any effect on your skin – you cannot eat junk and rely on a pot of face cream for healthy skin.

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The Polyphenol Powers of Tea

Tea is the most widely consumed drink aside from water and is grown in over 30 countries worldwide.Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea and White Tea all come from the same plant “Camelia Sinensis” but each type is processed differently. Green Tea leaves are withered and steamed, Black Tea and Oolong Tea leaves undergo a crushing and fermenting process, White tea is steamed and dried.

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Skin Needling Derma Roller

Skin Needling with Derma Rollers

Skin needling, also known as C.I.T (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a method of skin rejuvenation through the use of “Derma Rollers“, these hand held tools look a little like small paint rollers and contain up to 200 Micro-needles that come in different sizes, the best quality rollers will have precision, surgical steel needles that are Gamma sterilised. Derma Rollers are an excellent non-surgical tool to treat various skin conditions such as, ageing, (wrinkles, stretching), Acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, alopecia, scars and pregnancy stretch marks. Skin needling is “Mesotherapeutic” which means to apply non-surgical medicinal techniques to the “middle layer” of the skin.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a substance found naturally in our bodies. It is one of the most powerful anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatories available. Alpha Lipoic Acid is found inside every cell inside us, as it is needed by the body to produce energy for our normal bodily functions, but as we age it becomes depleted.

The Universal Antioxidant

Alpha Lipoic Acid is both fat and water soluble, and is known as the “Universal Antioxidant” and is broad spectrum.

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Resveratrol – Grape Expectations?

Resveratrol is the latest hot topic in the beauty industry right now. Resveratrol is a powerful Antioxidant and a member of the “Flavonoid” family and has shown to have 17 times greater antioxidant activity than Idebenone (this is the main ingredient in “Prevage”). Resveratrol is produced by several plants when under attack from bacteria and fungus, it’s part of the plants defence system.

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