Wedding Perfect Skin

Radiantly Healthy, Glowing Skin on your Wedding Day!

Clear, Radiant Skin is a real confidence booster at the best of times, but on your wedding day it really is a must have – to feel your most beautiful and for picture perfect skin. Here is my guide to achieving lovely skin for your big day……..

When to start working on your skin?

Ideally 6 months before your wedding day, but 1 year for more chronic, persistent skin problems like adult Acne, Rosacea and stubborn Pigmentation.

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Jan Marini Prime

Jan Marini – PRIME

Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime is one of my must-have products for beautiful, flawless looking skin. This isn’t just an ordinary skin primer, it is an innovative facial primer unlike anything on the market. Prime gives an immediate “airbrushed” effect while at the same time providing remarkable skin rejuvenation benefits that are simply amazing. Newly developed topical ingredients target elasticity, skin volume, inflammation, and wrinkling in an innovative and proprietary formula with extraordinary results.

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Suqqu Gankin Massage

The name SUQQU was derived from the Japanese word sukku-that means “posture with attitude“. This Japanese cultural tradition of inner composure and serenity is echoed by the SUQQU product range, which is available in the UK from Selfridges. I am a huge fan of the DIY  facial ‘GANKIN MASSAGE’ using the innovative “musculate massage cream“. This will keep your facial muscles lean and contoured and relieve the face of tension and toxins in the skin tissue.

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The Fragrant Pharmacy

Valerie Ann Worwood’s Fragrant Pharmacy has been my aromatherapy bible since I was 18! I have read this from cover to cover many times and always turn to this for any information on essential oils.

This book really is a complete guide to aromatherapy & essential oils for everybody to use at home and work.  There are sections on essential oils for use around the house and in the office, also oils for pets and even essential oils in cooking which includes lots of recipes.

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New Vital Oils - Liz Earle

New Vital Oils – Liz Earle

This is one of my valuable resources on all oils, ranging from cooking/nutritional oils to topical skin oils and essential oils. It has helped me understand the confusion over what are the best fats to consume and in what ratio, with lots of information on the right sorts of spreads and the oils that are healthy to cook with.

There are sections on Oils for health, Healing Oils remedy finder, Oils for Food, Oils for Beauty, Essential Oils, Fats & Oils: the inside story. There is also a wealth of technical information and the chemical composition of nutritional oils.

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Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is the medical term for the genetic condition that appears as rough, red bumps on the skin – this resembles red goosebumps and chicken skin. It is most commonly found on the back of the tops of arms, but can also affect tops of thighs and buttocks. This condition can be  irritating and scratching seems to make it worse, this can cause scabs that result in scarring in extreme cases.

This affects 40% of the population – 50 – 80% will affect adolescents and often appears in individuals when they are children, it is more common in women than men.

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Eat Yourself Beautiful

Liz Earle’s Eat Yourself Beautiful is the ultimate guide to health and beauty from within. This book may be quite old (1992), but it still has loads of relevent information for eating well and supporting your skin. The information is easy to understand and to put into practise, with Liz’s knowledge of food and her “You are what you eat” philosophy.

Liz Earle is a well known beauty writer and health expert and has written many books on skin and health topics, and for me a shining example of all the advise she gives on nutrition and health.

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Skin Firming Salmon

Wild Alaskan Salmon is one of the top anti-ageing sources of protein you could possibly eat! Made rather famous by Dr Nicholas Perricone, who recommends eating rather a lot of it to give your face a noticeable lift! Celebrities like Kim Cattral have used this technique before big events to slim down but also firm and lift the skin. Dr Perricone recommends eating it a week or 3 days before  a special event, and you must eat it first! before anything else.

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The Lowdown on Mineral Makeup

Mineral Make-up has become the latest Beauty Buzz! and most cosmetic companies seem to have jumped on the Mineral Make-up bandwagon! Promising to improve your complexion, protect you from the sun and reduce the amount of chemicals you put on your skin, mineral make-up claims to have it all. Some even say you can wear it to bed! But is it really that great or is this just hype?

Is Mineral Make-up Better For our Skin?

Well, as with everything, there are pros and cons to mineral make-up, and some people  really cannot get on with it at all. I have tried nearly all the main brands of mineral make-up, and have decided on “Mineralogie” mineral cosmetics for me and my clients, it really is excellent quality, and I love recommending it!, one of the things I love most is the SPF 26 Protection! – The highest rating for a mineral foundation in the industry.

It took me a period of adjustment to get used to mineral make-up application, and the pressed and loose formulations. Once you have found which formula to use for your skin type, the application becomes easy and less time consuming than the normal liquid foundation, concealer and powder ritual.

Mineral Make-up Benefits

Let’s start with the things that are so great about mineral make-up – (The Pure mineral brands, not some of the mainstream brands that have very little mineral content)

  • There is NO fragrance or preservatives
  • You can build the coverage up in layers, to cover Acne and Rosacea
  • Most have a SPF of around 20-26 (Mineralogie has the highest rating from the FDA), this broad spectrum sunscreen is in the form of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide and protects against UVA and UVB rays – don’t rely on this in the hot sun if you are sunbathing, use a separate sunscreen and use your make-up as insurance!! As you would have to apply a very liberal amount to achieve that SPF.
  • Pure minerals allow the skin to breath and function normally
  • Some brands have added antioxidants to protect against air pollution
  • There are fewer incidents of cosmetic acne and skin problems
  • Mineral make-up doesn’t melt in the heat like traditional foundations
  • Some are very water resistant and last longer than regular make-up
  • when applied properly it doesn’t feel or look heavy, in fact you feel like your wearing no make-up
  • Mineral make-up can act as a 3 in 1 product – foundation, concealer and powder

Mineral make-up is a great choice for Rosacea sufferers and sensitive skins, the reason for this is that it contains fewer ingredients and is fragrance and preservative free. The less ingredients in a product, the less there is to react to.

I personally like the way it looks on my skin, it has that light reflectiveness that gives you a more youthful look! But it isn’t perfect for everyone and has its downsides too.

I don’t deny that there are people who have reacted to mineral make-up negatively and have either had a sensitivity or a skin break-out.There are two reasons:

  • Bismuth Oxychloride – this ingredient is in most mineral make-ups and gives the product a sheen or slight shimmer, a small minority have experienced skin reactions. Do a patch test or request a sample.
  • Mica – this also gives the product shimmer, and small minorities are allergic. This is not just in mineral make-up; it is in most mainstream cosmetic formulations. ( it is an earth mineral)

Some brands contain Talc, which is in fact a natural earth mineral. Talc has had a bad press and some people say that it clogs their skin. There has been evidence of pure talc used frequently over the female genital area may increase the risk of ovarian cancer, but this is questionable and the evidence did not provide a direct link. You will find talc in most mainstream cosmetics.

Some people report that mineral make-up clogs their pores and makes their acne worse, everybody can react differently and can find any ingredient irritating, regardless of its origin. To be sure, it is better to patch test it first, or get a sample. (My skin gets clogged very easily, but I have not had a problem with mineral make-up)

Other doubters of mineral make-up say that their skin feels dry, but this is also a minority. There are a few key steps to application, if you have dry skin – less is more, as powder products can settle into fine lines and wrinkles. Most good brands offer a pressed mineral make-up, which is normally blended with something to make it pressed – like Grape seed or Almond Oil. Some brands also do a liquid mineral foundation which can suit a drier skin; they can have added ingredients like vitamins and hydrators. If you have dry skin it is also wise to use a skin spritz over the top of your mineral make-up, this sets the minerals and stops the powdered look, it also stops the minerals from rubbing off onto your clothes etc.

If your skin is on the oily side, then you may prefer the loose mineral formulations, these are oil free and very absorbent of oil without looking too powdered. Also though strictly not a true mineral make-up – Dermalogica Treatment Foundation  is based on minerals and tinted with iron oxides, it is oil free and great on an oily skin.

Here are some of the brands that are considered the most Pure Mineral make-up brands.

  • Mineralogie
  • Jane Iredale
  • Bare Escentuals
  • Youngblood
  • Glo Minerals
  • Susan Posnick
  • Lily Lolo
  • Sheer cover

What the cosmetics industry and customers appreciate is that mineral make-up respects the skin, perfecting it instantly, and gives a flawless finish. So it really is a matter of choice, and it’s a good option for most people, but remember there are good and bad versions of everything, and any one of us can react to any ingredient even with so-called Hypo-allergenic products – and there is no such thing as chemical free skincare or make-up, as every ingredient in a cosmetic is a chemical!! – But I still wouldn’t recommend going to bed with your make-up on, even if it is mineral make-up!!!

For more information and brand reviews visit the Mineral Make-up Blog.