Liz Earle’s Beauty-Boost Bars

This is a one of my favourite recipes from Liz Earle’s Skin Secrets book and is extracted from the “Skin Snacks” section, which is full of gorgeous recipes and ideas to boost your health and skin!

Beauty-Boost Bars

These terrific omega-rich energy bars are a firm favourite. I make a batch at the weekend and keep them in a sealed box in the fridge for the week ahead – perfect for a post supper sweet snack, a fast school-run breakfast in the car or for a quick energy boost when blood sugar levels dip, mid afternoon.

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The Best Habits For Healthy Skin

1) Protection, Protection, Protection! – The best anti-ageing product you can ever buy is an effective broad spectrum sunscreen with antioxidants. It’s not very glamorous I know, but if you start at a young age, you can prevent skin damage from the sun – which will eventually show itself as wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, premature ageing and skin cancers.

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The Superfood Curry

Gurpareet Bains is an Anglo Indian Chef, and claims to have created “The Worlds Healthiest Curry”! The Chicken and Blueberry Curry with Goji Berry Pilau Rice is full of some of the most potent Superfoods around.

Gurpareet claims that his spicy chicken curry can help the fight against cancer, as each serving contains the nutritional equivalent of 49 helpings of Spinach, 23 bunches of grapes or nine portions of Broccoli –  it has taken him 2 years to perfect the recipe!

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Muscle Toning DMAE

DMAE Boosts Beauty & Brains!

DMAE is a powerful antioxidant that can have a stabilizing effect on cell membranes, this helps protect them from the damage of Free Radicals and premature ageing. DMAE is not only an antioxidant, it appears to have the ability to tighten and contract the muscles under the skin, this helps keep your face firm and contoured, and is just as important as fighting wrinkles!

There is nothing more ageing than sagging skin and DMAE can prevent and reverse what is clinically known as “anatomical loss of position“, in other words Loose, sagging skin!

DMAE contains a chemical that can stimulate “nerve function” and causes the muscles to contract and tighten. DMAE is the building block of the neurotransmitter “Acetylcholine“, and like other neurotransmitters Acetylcholine allows one nerve to communicate with another, or to communicate with a muscle.

DMAE & The Brain Connection

I do remember my mum telling me to eat my fish as it will make me brainy! well there is actually some truth in this statement. DMAE is found in the flesh of fish, notably Salmon, but also Sardines and Mackeral have good levels – which are all also brilliant sources of Omega 3. DMAE is a powerful cognitive enhancer, so a diet rich in DMAE can potentially enable you to think more clearly, improve your memory and increase your problem-solving ability.

So if you want to think more clearly and have greater muscle tone in both your face and body, choose a good topical DMAE product and try to eat some of the fishy sources, plus take a good DMAE Supplement.

Note – You can achieve enhanced facial muscle tone by using a muscle re-education device, like the Tua Viso Micro-current machine, as well as using a topical DMAE product, it boosts your results significantly if you use both.

Top DMAE Products –  Jan Marini Skin Research C-ESTA line – contains good levels of DMAE, and gives excellent noticeable results.

Viridian Alpha Lipoic DMAE Complex  boost your skin and brain with these brilliant supplements.

Dr Nicholas Perricone – Has both topical and supplement forms of DMAE