Anti Aging Willow Water?

We all know that keeping hydrated is vital for a healthy skin and body, but the unique formulation of Willow Water is said to actually improve the skin’s texture, clarity and brightness, and dare I say it “reduce wrinkles?”.

Willow Water comes from the beautiful Lake District and the mineral content is a unique blueprint that reflects the geology of the Cartmel area. Just below the surface on Cartmel Fell lies a deep layer of peat formed from the remains of a prehistoric forest of white willow trees. This ancient woodland once covered the southern Lake District in a dense canopy. The water contains natural Salicin and Calcium as a result of the unique geology of this part of the Southern Lake District, which acts as a filter for rainwater on its way to the aquifer.

Research results support Willow beauty water claims

Results from an exhaustive market research initiative undertaken by Willow Water (released March 2009) reveal that 7 out of 10 women saw a distinct improvement in the condition of their skin after a six-week trial replacing their normal tap or bottled water consumption with Willow Water. In addition, 5 in 10 women felt happy with their skin condition by the end of the trial compared to only 1 out of 10 at the beginning of it – conclusive evidence that Willow’s beauty water proposition stands up to tough scrutiny.

Willow Water works on skin problems too

As well as being a totally natural and complexion boosting beauty water which will deliver benefits for most regular drinkers, the detailed research exercise also revealed that Willow can have rapid impact on problem skin:

2 in 3 women with dry skin at the start of the trial felt their skin condition had improved by the end of it
5 out of 6 women who considered their skin condition to be oily at the start of the trial reported improvements
Of those suffering acne prior to the trial, 3 out of 4 reported improvements
Half of those suffering from spots and blemishes noted visible improvements by the end of the trial.

Salicin – The ‘Magic’ Ingredient

For the first time ever Willow has been able to conclusively draw a distinct link between the unique, natural, salicin based formulation of Willow Water and its positive complexion boosting effect when consumed on a regular basis.

Salicin has been used for centuries as a natural homeopathic treatment for a variety of ailments, and can be found today in a number of proprietary skin treatment creams and preparations, specifically because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to help prevent pores clogging up.

For more information visit You can purchase Willow Water from all Waitrose stores and and some selected Tesco stores.

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