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Skin & the City

It’s not just Madonna who loves the O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen facials, those gals from Sex and the City received some of the fabulous treatments on the set of the movie. Sex & the City Makeup Artist Talks About O2 Intraceuticals I have been a professional makeup artist for over twenty years. I have been involved […]

Kate Moss’s Skin Savers

Kate Moss is one of the greatest supermodels of our time and one of the most beautiful. Kate knows a thing or two about looking good! She has appeared in on 300 magazine covers and is notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle. Kate is 35 and for a smoker (who has smoked for […]

Liz Earle Skin Secrets

  What a beautiful book! I have been a follower of Liz Earle for years and read lots of her books and listened to her speak about skin care. Liz used to be a beauty editor and is passionate about educating people about their skin and what they can do to make a visible difference. […]