21st Century Beauty Bible

The 21st Century Beauty Bible

The 21st Century Beauty Bible is written by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey – award winning journalists. Jo and Sarah’s wisdom about the secrets to looking and feeling fabulous is unparalleled.

The bestselling 21st Century Beauty Bible is the ultimate guide to the world’s beauty products, jam packed with tips on beauty queries from nutrition to make-up. A gold mine of practical advice…..beautifully illustrated and hard to put down. This book is updated with hundreds of beauty products that have been tried and tested by real women.

This is a short cut through the beauty jungle! And guides you to beauty products that are worth splashing out on. In this uniquely comprehensive and acclaimed beauty guide, you’ll find the results of the world’s biggest consumer survey of thousands of beauty products – each tested by a panel of 10 women. Fab fake tans, anti-cellulite preps, mascara that won’t run in the rain – and many, many more….

·Brilliant make-up tips from the world’s top experts

·The easy-as-ABC skincare routine to keep your complexion glowing

·Fast beauty fixes from Botox and non-surgical facelifts to teeth whitening & facial massage

·How to get a great haircut and perfect colour

·Home-made treats for face, body and hair

·Food for mind and body, with juice recipes to make you zing

·The simplest ever Yoga exercises to keep you sleek, slender and flexible

·How to think yourself beautiful

So leave behind the hype and discover true wisdom on health and beauty! Well worth a read, the beauty bible is jam packed with tips on beauty, make-up and nutrition, with beautiful photography.

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