Caring For Your Bust

The skin around the breasts and chest is fine and fragile, and can often be neglected. However, the price is to be paid for the neglect later on in life, and can be seen as wrinkled, leathery prematurely aged skin, not forgetting age-defying gravity!

Don’t feel disheartened after pregnancy or breastfeeding as although we can’t undo overstretched skin, there is certainly much to improve the texture and tone of the skin on your chest and breasts.

One of the key factors for healthy skin on the chest and breasts is to Moisturise! Aim to nourish this area everyday. When you moisturise your face, take the cream down to your cleavage as well, this will keep the skin super smooth and soft.

The most important factor is to protect the chest area from UV damage, as it is often always exposed in the summer months, and this is what leads to that wrinkled, leather look later on in life. Always try and apply a minimum of SPF15 – 30 (personally I would go for a 30), the chest is a suntrap, and quick to burn as the skin is quite thin, you can also develop broken capillaries due to this sun-damage.

Moisturising and Massage

Massage your chosen moisturiser into your chest and breasts on a daily basis, choose an oil or product that has skin firming properties. I like Borage oil, Rose-hip Seed Oil and Liz Earle’s Superskin Bust Treatment is lovely.  Jan Marini C-ESTA Hand & Body Lotion is also excellent, and often used before and after women have breast surgery to aid the skin’s recovery, this is also excellent if you have been a sun-worshipper and have extensive sun-damage as it contains high levels of stable Vitamin C and DMAE.

The massage is particularly important for breast health and to encourage a healthy Lymphatic system. Massage around each breast and towards your armpit, with upward movements. Massage also encourages us to check our breasts for any changes in tissue, this is vital for early detection for lumps and cysts and we must do this girls!

Top Tips For Breasts

  • Get yourself properly fitted for a bra! Try Rigby & Pellar or M&S, if you do a lot of exercise get a good sports bra.
  • Moisturise & Massage
  • Direct the shower with cold water on your breasts (the colder the better, if you can stand it!), done regularly will improve the tone and give your breasts a lift.
  • Doing specific exercises for the underlying muscles will give you pert breasts for longer. Try a half press-up or ask at your Gym what machines work the Pectoral muscles best.
  • Gentle exfoliation, no harsh scrubs or loofahs! the skin in this areas is fragile and can be damaged easily, use a gentle facial polish or wash cloth.

Follow some of these guidelines and you’ll have beautiful skin on your chest, and breasts to be proud of!

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