Caring For Your Neck

Many of us tend to neglect our poor necks when it comes to skincare, whether that is from lack of time or not really thinking about it, but  the skin on our necks can have very little care and attention focused on it. What is the point of a beautiful smooth face, if it sits above a crepey old neck!

Unfortunately our necks reveal  the most visible tell-tale signs of ageing. This is especially evident if you have been a Sun Worshipper! and havn’t been as diligent as applying sun cream to your neck as you have your face.

Certain areas like, hands, forearms and decolletage can look significantly older if proper steps aren’t taken. If you are in your 40’s then you may start to see pigmentation patches, crepey, loose skin and dryness.

One fact, that we tend to forget, is that every inch of our skin needs some care and attention – not just our faces.  All areas of our skin need to be protected from the sun and moisturised. All of our skin functions much better and absorbs more moisturiser when it is properly exfoliated, so the use of AHA’s or BHA’a can create smooth, even textured skin.

My basic rule of neck care is –  whatever you put on your face, you should also apply to your neck and decolletage area as well. Always use a good quality sun screen product with Antioxidants and never let your neck and chest burn.

Top tips for Necks

  • Avoid using soap, it is far too stripping and will dry your skin out.
  • Don’t spray your perfume on your neck or chest, the chemicals in any fragrance can be Photo-sensitizing and react with sunlight. Later on in life this will be seen as dark patches of pigmentation, and very difficult to treat. Perfume is often in an alcohol base, so will also be extremely drying to the skin on your neck. Spray your clothes or dab onto wrists instead.
  • You don’t have to buy separate products for your neck, just use your normal skincare products, but I personally like to apply Rosehip seed oil at  bed time to my neck, decolletage and cleavage, it is very nourishing but light in texture.
  • Always apply an SPF product if your skin is exposed, don’t forget your hands as well, they are the first place to really show your age and it’s all down to sun damage.
  • Micro-current machines work very well on the underlying muscles of the neck, to help tighten things up. Try a course of facials or get yourself a handheld device for home use, I love my Tuo Viso and can’t live without it.

So spare a little thought for your neck, prevent the serious damage before it’s too late as very little can be done about a badly aged neck.

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