Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

I was kindly gifted this by Elemis and am halfway through the jar but would absolutely buy this to replace when finished as I have become slightly addicted. I don’t use it everyday, just when I feel slightly more dehydrated, and if I am honest I have never really been a lover of balm cleansers. This has changed my opinion altogether. I love the texture, smell, consistency, the way it feels on my skin and the way my skin feels and looks when I have removed it, kind of polished and super smooth.

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing BalmWhat is essential for me with any balm or oil cleanse is that it emulsifies. It is vital to be able to remove and not leave a residue behind. This gorgeous, unctuous balm feels like buttery wax and emulsifies with water into a milky, hydrating lotion that you remove with the hot cloth and leaves skin comfortable, deep cleansed and nourished. I also take the time to do some facial massage at this point, focusing on the tension around the jaw and under the cheek bones. This not only boost micro-circulation but can lift a tired face.


Key Ingredients of Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Mimosa and Rose waxes, UK Starflower Oil, UK Elderberry Seed Oil, UK Optimega™ Oil, Coconut, Shea, Sweet Almond Oil, Padina Pavonica, Vitamin E.

As you can see it is packed with so many beneficial ingredients and is an extremely effective cleanser, itliterally melts make-up away. Just make sure you have plenty of cloths as leaving a damp one around will harbour bacteria.

One lovely element of this balm is that it can double up as nourishing mask. I have used it as a mask on a few occasions, especially the morning after a night out or getting your skin ready for a special occasion. Leave it on for 15-20 mins, have a warm bath and remove with a hot cloth. Simple. I love products that can have dual purpose.

If you’re looking for a new balm cleanser, then I highly recommend this one as it’s a blissful, sensory skin treat. Buy online from Elemis.com







Sheet Masks and Occlusion

I absolutely adore using Sheet Masks. I get rather excited when opening the individual glossy packets offering me a hydrating skin treat in 15-30 minutes. Obviously there are some that are very expensive and some that are sensibly priced, so lets take a look at some of my favourites and how they actually work.

Sheet masks are face-shaped sheets soaked in a hydrating solution that can contain different actives. The sheet is made up of variety of materials including papers, foil, fibres or gel/biocellulose types. They originated in Korea, and extremely popular.

Sheet Masks work by Occlusion

The mask itself creates an “occlusive barrier,” which means it physically seals in the active serums underneath; theoretically, this helps the product work more effectively. By trapping the liquid under the mask, the skin will soak in as much as it can into the epidermal layer. These sort of treatments are purely superficial and will create a plumper, more hydrated skin, (temporarily). But done regularly, this can only be a good thing.

Consistent skin care is what will give you healthy skin in the long term, and taking the time to treat your skin.

My favourite masks to use in my treatments are by Timeless Truth. They are reasonably priced and have a huge selection, but I tend to use the Bio-Cellulose masks as I use them under my LED Mask treatment. The LED can still penetrate through the masks into the skin as they are see through. The Apple Stem Cell, Snow Algae and Bee Venom are all brilliant and give you a real visible result after 20-30 minutes. They also do great under eye patches that are perfect for pre-party or the morning after.

My Splurge is Estee Lauder Powerfoil Mask. This is expensive, but I have a thing for Advanced Night Repair. I use these on myself before an event or post light peel. Containing Hyaluronic Acid, so it plumps and gives me a real luxurious treat for my skin.

Estes Lauder Powerfoil Sheet Mask

Environ Youth Essential Eye Gel

Environ Youth EssentiA Vita Peptide Eye Gel

Environ Youth EssentiA Vita Peptide Eye Gel is the eye product that I use on a daily basis, and it is by far one of the best eye products I have found. I favour a gel/serum texture as it absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy and doesn’t cause puffiness. The benefit of such a lovely light texture is that you can apply this all over your eye lid and underneath the eye, right up to your lower lashes. I see so many people who have never applied any sort of product on the upper lid, this can lead to premature ageing and lead to drooping, heavy looking lids through sheer neglect.

Environ Youth EssentiA Vita Peptide Eye Gel (formerly known as C-quence Eye Gel)  contains a variety of Vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides to help improve the appearance of fine lines and hydrate the skin around the eyes. Environ’s star ingredient is of course Vitamin A, in the form of Retinyl Palmitate, this is in low levels so won’t irritate the delicate eye area and helps normalise and repair skin cells.

Peptides have the ability to slow down ageing of the skin

The other stars of the show are of course “Peptides”, in the form of Matrixyl, Dermaxyl and Argireline. These trio stimulate Collagen and Elastin production, stimulate Cermamide production and relax facial tension to reduce lines and wrinkles (the Argireline does this). I have found that peptides have the ability to “SLOW down Ageing of the skin”, so cumulative, consistent use will build results.

What are Peptides? well they act as messengers between the cells and tell them to get on with the job of making Collagen and Elastin.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Collagen Support

Skin Collagen Support Supplement

I recommend Skin Collagen Support by the Advanced Nutrition Programme to help support your healthy Collagen from the inside. Supplements are just as important (if not more) as your topical products as they are able to get to the Dermis, so do not dismiss them!

NOTOX Instant Wrinkle Eraser

De_Cure NOTOX Instant Wrinkle Eraser

NOTOX by Scandinavian brand de_CURE is simply the best wrinkle erasing product I have ever used. With the claims of looking 10 years younger in 5 minutes, you really do need to try this to believe.

One drop is all you need to apply to wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and nasal labial lines, if you use too much it will turn white and start to look dry. The transformative effect lasts for on average 8 -12 hours. This only really has an effect on fine lines and wrinkles, so don’t waste it by applying it all over your face, just your wrinkles. The packaging is a little tricky to start with, but it measures the dose each time you pump so you can’t dispense too much at once. You are supposed to get 100 applications out of one tube.

NOTOX is Natural, Safe and Painless

You do not have to opt for surgical, painful procedures to look younger! When I find something that genuinely works, it really excites me as the aesthetics industry continues to provide options for us who would prefer not to have injections or risky surgery. NOTOX is a product that you could use on special occasions or as an everyday skincare essential (which I think once you have used it, you will be slightly addicted).

Ingredients: Aloe Barbadesis Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Silicate, Antioxidants. For something that works so well to have a really small ingredient list is also astounding, this also means that it is less irritating to sensitive skin types.

NOTOX  costs £95 for 14ml and is available in my clinic or you can order by telephone – 0871 2000766

Liquilift Bio Active Face Lift

Liquilift – Bio Active Face Lift

Liquilift is by no means an ordinary face mask and when a pot of this landed on my desk I got quite excited, especially at the thought of anything that can instantly lift. I decided to use this before an important party as I needed to glow and am always in need of a “lift”

Let me explain the science behind Liquilift and what it claims to do. Developed by a Cosmeceutical chemist it is designed to deliver a salon effective result to the woman at home.  The Starring ingredient is Liftonin – made up of tarmine tannins extracted from Oak trees – which have a tautening, astringent effect and strengthens the cells. These Tannins also have antioxidant protective qualities and will give your cells protection against Free radical damage. Another powerhouse ingredient is extracted from Millet and claims to stimulate Collagen/Elastin production so you can see how using this gives cumulative rejuvenating results.

 How to use Liquilift

There is no way of avoiding looking like Zelda from the Terrorhawks  when you use Liquilift (anyone old enough to remember that??), it is quite scary so make sure no one is around to make you laugh! or it really hurts when the mask is dry. So make sure you have freshly cleansed skin and the trick is to apply this sticky gel/liquid quickly in a thin layer and work outwards until you have covered all your face and jaw, and on your neck if you really need it.

TIP – replace the lid as soon as possible to avoid the product reacting with Oxygen.

Leave to set for between 10 and 40 minutes, I have found after using a few times the longer you leave it the better the Lift. The trick for removing easily is use plenty of water either with sponges or a soft cloth. Apply serum and moisturiser.

RESULTS – I found this had a remarkable effect on my skin, and noticed it most around my eyes as my fine lines had diminished quite considerably. Also my nasal labial folds were much less visible but I loved the texture of my skin. The circulation is definitely increased and this gives you a fab glow and will bring all the good stuff to your skin cells. I also loved the improved clarity of my skin with an improved appearance of pores and smoothness. Even after a few glasses of Prosecco I still looked fresh and lifted, like you have had an amazing nights sleep and everything has just repaired itself.

Overall it is an excellent “Treatment” for your skin and should be maintained at least once of twice a week to achieve the cumulative results and maintain your “Lift

Liquilift costs £90 from Cultbeauty.com



Why Have Facial Treatments

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails

Let me introduce this skin reviving liquid for tired, dehydrated and less than glowy skin. This unique water like fluid contains two types of Hylauronic Acid with either an energizing shot of B12 or the more detoxifying formula containing Chlorophyll. It’s super hydrating formula sinks in immediately and you can actually feel it “quenching” your skin, this also contains Sodium PCA which helps bind moisture into your skin and lock it in.

Reboot tired, dehydrated skin with a potent blend of active ingredients

I was hooked after the first application of this fluid that you pour into your hands and press/massage into your skin. Instantly plumping up the skin giving you a very smooth appearance with a healthy glow, not to mention dehydration fine lines just disappear. Another plus point is your moisturiser seems to work better as it has something to bind to.  This also has a beautiful natural botanical smell that is a pleasure to use.

Can be used on any skin type and age, so definitely one to add to your anti-ageing arsenal of products.

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

I bought Clinique’s new hydrating CC Cream over a week ago and have been using it everyday. I normally use Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser amongst  other things so was excited by the claims of extra perfection and colour correction (cc) with this product. Try to not feel confused with the BB and CC revolution, they are glorified tinted moisturisers with some added extras in them, with more of a skin friendly approach.

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MesoAge Hyaluronic Treatment

I have just discovered this skin quenching gel by a Spanish brand called Institute BCN. This is a Hyaluronic Acid rich gel that absorbs instantly into your skin and plumps out dehydration lines giving your skin a little lift. I am a big fan of HA gels and this one is now my favourite, it […]

Shinso Facial VOGUE Coverage

I am incredibly proud to have my “Shinso Natural Face lift” featured in VOGUE India Dec 2011 edition, on the exclusive Luxe List. This treatment is a collaboration between me and Shinso founder – Dr Nao Tsuruta and is 90 minutes of skin tightening and rejuvenation featuring technology and the amazing Japanese Shinso Products.

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