The Clear Skin Cookbook by Dale Pinnock

I think by now we all know that what we eat and drink makes a huge impact on the quality of our skin and how we will age. Dale Pinnock is the UK’s first medicinal chef and his book explains how what we eat can affect our skin and how to improve the overall radiance and appearance of our skin.

Clear Skin CookbookThe right food can improve your skin!

This is something that I am passionate about as well as topical skincare, and believe you need to treat your skin from inside and outside to really make improvements and prevent damage in the longterm.

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Give Your Face a Lift with Eva Fraser

Do you like the idea of chiselled cheekbones and taut skin with reduces bags and jowels? Well Eva Fraser is the expert on facial exercises and can guide you to a fabulous face. I recommend my clients to have a one on one session with Eva in Kensington but you can buy her dvd and book.

Eva is an amazing example of what her facial fitness regime can do, born in 1928, Eva devised a series of facial exercises and has definitely been practising what she preaches as her jaw is tight and smooth, her cheeks full and high with a very young looking neck.

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The Fragrant Pharmacy

Valerie Ann Worwood’s Fragrant Pharmacy has been my aromatherapy bible since I was 18! I have read this from cover to cover many times and always turn to this for any information on essential oils.

This book really is a complete guide to aromatherapy & essential oils for everybody to use at home and work.  There are sections on essential oils for use around the house and in the office, also oils for pets and even essential oils in cooking which includes lots of recipes.

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New Vital Oils - Liz Earle

New Vital Oils – Liz Earle

This is one of my valuable resources on all oils, ranging from cooking/nutritional oils to topical skin oils and essential oils. It has helped me understand the confusion over what are the best fats to consume and in what ratio, with lots of information on the right sorts of spreads and the oils that are healthy to cook with.

There are sections on Oils for health, Healing Oils remedy finder, Oils for Food, Oils for Beauty, Essential Oils, Fats & Oils: the inside story. There is also a wealth of technical information and the chemical composition of nutritional oils.

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Eat Yourself Beautiful

Liz Earle’s Eat Yourself Beautiful is the ultimate guide to health and beauty from within. This book may be quite old (1992), but it still has loads of relevent information for eating well and supporting your skin. The information is easy to understand and to put into practise, with Liz’s knowledge of food and her “You are what you eat” philosophy.

Liz Earle is a well known beauty writer and health expert and has written many books on skin and health topics, and for me a shining example of all the advise she gives on nutrition and health.

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21st Century Beauty Bible

The 21st Century Beauty Bible

The 21st Century Beauty Bible is written by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey – award winning journalists. Jo and Sarah’s wisdom about the secrets to looking and feeling fabulous is unparalleled.

The bestselling 21st Century Beauty Bible is the ultimate guide to the world’s beauty products, jam packed with tips on beauty queries from nutrition to make-up. A gold mine of practical advice…..beautifully illustrated and hard to put down. This book is updated with hundreds of beauty products that have been tried and tested by real women.

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Liz Earle Skin Secrets


What a beautiful book! I have been a follower of Liz Earle for years and read lots of her books and listened to her speak about skin care. Liz used to be a beauty editor and is passionate about educating people about their skin and what they can do to make a visible difference. Liz has written many books about skin and nutrition over the years, and has pooled her knowledge into this one brilliant book.
This is a very personal book, with photographs of her family and friends and an indispensable guide to having naturally beautiful skin. It shows Liz’s holistic approach to great skin – which I am greatly passionate about! How you eat, sleep and how you relax are just as important as how you cleanse and exfoliate! I agree with pretty much everything that is in this book and love the recipes and the skin boosting snacks! This book would make a wonderful present for anyone with an interest in skin care and health!

“For the last 25 years, I’ve been writing about and researching ways to create naturally beautiful skin. I’ve been asked many times about how you can make a visible difference to your skin, whatever your age or stage in life. From early teens, through pregnancy, mid-life, menopause and far beyond, a healthier, brighter complexion really is achievable for everyone – including men (and there are suggestions for them, too).” Liz Earle.