The Bird Poop Facial as seen on GMTV

Mmmm, I have heard about this before but was reminded of this disgusting treatment on GMTV this morning as apparantly Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise are huge fans and regularly go to the Shizuka spa in New York to have this rather unusual facial, also known as the “Geisha Facial”.

Can Bird Poop Rejuvenate Your Skin?

The facial procedure features UV-disinfected Nightingale poop air-lifted from Japan and mixed with rice bran to hide its smell.

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Madonna Intraceuticals

Madonna’s Tour Treatments

Madonna has been hooked on O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusions after being introduced to them by her make-up artist Gina Brooke. Gina has been using the machine to improve stars complexions before photo shoots and events, and many of them cannot endorse publicly as they advertise many other products and brands!

[quote ]I love the treatments! And so does my face! – Madonna[/quote]

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Jessica Alba buying Dermalogica

Jessica Alba’s Body Secret

Jessica was recently snapped in Beverly Hills stocking up on Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash and Body Hydrating Cream.

Dermalogica Body Therapy Products are also a favourite of mine, mainly for the gorgeous aromatic smell, the formulation, texture and of course results. The focus on our body skin can take a bit of a back-seat but Dermalogica have made it easy and extremely pleasurable to take care of the skin on our body.

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Sex and the City

Skin & the City

It’s not just Madonna who loves the O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen facials, those gals from Sex and the City received some of the fabulous treatments on the set of the movie.

Sex & the City Makeup Artist Talks About O2 Intraceuticals

I have been a professional makeup artist for over twenty years. I have been involved in every aspect from fashion to television and feature films. I have had experience with practically every product on the market. My clients are used to the latest and greatest in skin care and makeup. I am very excited about Intraceuticals and how fantastic the treatments make the skin look.

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Kate Moss

Kate Moss’s Skin Savers

Kate Moss is one of the greatest supermodels of our time and one of the most beautiful. Kate knows a thing or two about looking good! She has appeared in on 300 magazine covers and is notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle. Kate is 35 and for a smoker (who has smoked for a long time) her skin isn’t in that bad condition – considering her Rock n Roll lifestyle (there is definitely some premature ageing though, not to mention the health implications). Smoking does make your skin drier and dehydrated and doubles the rate at which you age, due to the huge volume of Free Radicals – Kate seems to be managing the battle fairly well with an assortment of skincare gadgets and great products.

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