Crystal Clear Wrinkle Erase Pads

Crystal Clear Skincare have come up with the ultimate, instant eye lift with these Chitosan impregnated pads.

Available in a box of 8 treatments these miracle pads smooth, lift and hydrate the fine, delicate tissue around the eyes, creating a look that is instantly fresher and less tired, they also feel lovely and cooling on the skin.
It’s the ultimate optical illusion – giving you an instant eye lift thanks to the unique combination of an activator solution with Caffeine applied over the Chitosan pads.

Plumps up and smooths dehydration lines while stimulatiing  the micro-circulation with Caffeine.
Great for the morning after a night out, or pop them on before a party for perky eyes! as the skin is definitely tighter and looks brighter.  They are very simple to use, just cut round the template on the Chitosan pads and then soak with the activator solution, then apply them to underneath your eyes and find somewhere peaceful to lie down for between 10 – 20 minutes, or longer if you doze off! Achieve a similar result all over your face with Crystal Clear Mini Lift Mask , this is like a facial in a box.

Benefits of Crystal Clear Wrinkle Erase Pads

  • Anti-ageing
  • Plumps up wrinkles and dehydration lines – hence the name!
  • Tones and Hydrates
  • Brightens the whole eye area
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Contains Caffeine – which can stimulate circulation and reduce dark under eye circles
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