Eat Yourself Beautiful

Liz Earle’s Eat Yourself Beautiful is the ultimate guide to health and beauty from within. This book may be quite old (1992), but it still has loads of relevent information for eating well and supporting your skin. The information is easy to understand and to put into practise, with Liz’s knowledge of food and her “You are what you eat” philosophy.

Liz Earle is a well known beauty writer and health expert and has written many books on skin and health topics, and for me a shining example of all the advise she gives on nutrition and health.

Follow some of the guidelines and recipes and you can expect –

  • Increased energy
  • Brighter, clearer skin
  • Shiny hair and stronger nails
  • Reduction in Cellulite
  • Weight loss and fewer food cravings

This is really a common sense eating guide and helps motivate you to make some changes in the way you eat, it also makes it clear what the good foods really are and why. My favourite section is the “Vitality vegetables” – (I love growing veg, so this interests me), it explains the nutritional content of each vegetable and what they are good for. Other topics include: Glorious Grains, Fabulous Fruits, Powerful Plant Oils and Healing Herbs.  The recipes are also very useful – there are over 50, and there are ideas for breakfasts, lunches and main meals – all very healthy but delicious, my favourite recipe is the lovely Humus.

This book is no longer in print, so hunt round second hand book shops and Amazon.

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