How Much Water is Enough?


Drinking WaterThe whole drinking 2 litres of Water a day rule, originated from scientific research where they found out that this is how much fluid we actually lose, every day, through sweat and excretions. Although we lose this amount, research has shown that we don’t necessarily have to “drink” this amount to remain hydrated. I think most of us have come to the realisation that we also get water from many of our food choices and other drinks.

Drinking loads more than your body needs only results in lots of trips to the loo and in extreme cases can be very dangerous! Hyporathraemia or water intoxication can cause kidney problems and result in death – I’m talking extreme here though! So moderation is key, and small sips of fluid throughout the day is best, instead of glugging 1 litre in one go!

Food is Also a Source of Water

Some of the signs that you are dehydrated are headaches, lethargy and lack of concentration, I don’t like to let myself get to this stage of dehydration, so again it is about finding that balance and listening to your body, remember we are about 70% water. Part of your water intake can also be from your tea and coffee (I know, we have always been told they dehydrated you!), but again in moderation – up to 4 cups a day isn’t enough caffeine to cause the diuretic effect. Your food is also a huge source of water! think of all the fruit and vegetable choices, these can help make up your 2 litres a day.

Drinking Water will NOT Plump Your Skin!

As for hydrating your skin – well drinking water in huge quantities will not directly impact your skin and plump out dehydration lines! It is true our cells need to be constantly replenished with nutrients and water, but our internal organs will benefit first, and a good circulation is vital to get the water and nutrients flowing to your skin cells, exercise is the key here and will bring a rosy glow to your face! bringing nutrients and water to your skin cells.

 You are better off tackling dehydrated skin from the outside, topical products with Hyaluronic Acid are brilliant at hydrating and act as a humectant, binding more moisture to your skin which has a skin plumping effect. Also strengthening your skin’s barrier nutritionally will help prevent  Trans-epidermal-Water Loss (TEWL) through the layers of skin and will definitely have an overall effect on softness and smoothness –  try an Omega blend of 3.6.9 oils I like Udo’s Choice Omega Oil Blend and Viridian Organic Beauty Oil.

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