Jewels and Jill Elmore

Jewels and Jill Elmore are Hollywood’s finest sister chefs, and  have spent most of their time cooking in the homes of Jennifer Aniston, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, plus many other celebrities. So they know a thing or two about getting your body in shape through a healthy way of eating, but without soul-destroying deprivation!

So forget fad diets with Jewels and Jill! instead of complicating things, they believe in cooking – simple, beautiful, wholesome food. If you follow this way of eating, then your body will respond with more energy and become slimmer and healthier. Ditch all the processed foods and drinks from your life and you will notice a huge difference in a short time.

They have cooked for many big celebrities, but best known for transforming Jennifer Aniston’s diet, and let’s face it – she looks pretty amazing! Combining exercise as well is essential for getting your body in tip top shape, so don’t just focus on what you are eating – you will only get half the results.

Jewels and Jills Food Philosophies

  • Deprivation doesn’t work, so balance is the key to healthy living. If you have a heavy lunch, then balance it with a light dinner to make up for it. Balance heavy and light food throughout the day, and your weight will drop.
  • Make veggies the star of your meal – eating one meal a day full of leafy greens is the perfect way to keep slim. Make 75% of your plate veggies, especially green ones and the rest is a little protein or a healthy grain.
  • Variety is the key! So experiment with your veggies and fruit, try new varieties and combinations.

Eating the A List Way – Tips and Tricks

  • Add a little sparkling water when you’re cooking vegetables with only a small amount of oil – this prevents them from sticking, so just a splash of fizzy water will revive them!
  • Swap bread for vegetables – Jewels and Jill make hearty turkey burgers, which can be served in huge lettuce leaves instead of carb heavy buns!
  • Grate Veggies and use instead of pasta – yellow and green courgettes, carrots can be cut into thin ribbons and combined with a delicious pasta sauce – excellent low carb meal.
  • Add tasty herbs or lemon and lime to your meal – this adds taste without calories.
  • Eat some veg first before your meat or carbs – Jewels says this can make a great difference to your health

Check out some the delicious recipes on their website, or the book “The Family Chef” for a lot more. My favourites are the cleansing celery soup and the stuffed sandwiches! Yum – will they turn me into Jennifer Aniston? mmmmm, no but I will feel great!

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