Jo Wood’s Strictly Organic

Fresh from the dance floor, Eco queen Jo Wood is passionate about living an organic lifestyle, and is looking very well on it indeed! Jo is obviously her own product ranges biggest fan! If you haven’t already used a Jo Wood product, then you are missing out on the most aromatic, gorgeous body products and fragrances available.

Jo has the original “Organics” range, which includes AMKA and USIKU which were inspired by the places she has travelled in her life, my favourite is USIKU it has the most unique scent, very warm and sensual. All the products in the range have an organic certification and come from ethical sources.

Jo also has the everyday ranges, which consists of either Tula and Langa  fragrances, which both smell beautiful and available in a body wash, salt scrub and body cream, designed for use everyday.

Treat your mind and body to some heavenly scents, courtesy of Jo Wood.

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