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Kate Moss’s Skin Savers

Kate Moss is one of the greatest supermodels of our time and one of the most beautiful. Kate knows a thing or two about looking good! She has appeared in on 300 magazine covers and is notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle. Kate is 35 and for a smoker (who has smoked for a long time) her skin isn’t in that bad condition – considering her Rock n Roll lifestyle (there is definitely some premature ageing though, not to mention the health implications). Smoking does make your skin drier and dehydrated and doubles the rate at which you age, due to the huge volume of Free Radicals – Kate seems to be managing the battle fairly well with an assortment of skincare gadgets and great products.

So what are the skin secrets of a supermodel? Here are a few of Kate’s favourites.

Kate is a fan of Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treatments – this helps to resurface the skin and stimulate Collagen and Elastin. Cell renewal slows down as we age and collagen production slows right down once we hit 30 – so this treatment is great to smooth/firm and enhance product penetration.

Yuroll facial rollers are also a fixture in Miss Moss’s make-up bag – these Jade facial rollers stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase circulation, they can help with puffy eyes and give your skin an increased radiance if used regularly.

Kate seems to be a fan of beauty gadgets – she regularly uses her “Tua Viso” facial microcurrent machine, this is a hand held device to stimulate the muscles of the face and plump them up, this leads to a firmer more contoured face with less sagging – best to start young with this sort of thing. Find out more at Tina Richards” website.

Even supermodels suffer from breakouts and Kate is no exception – she uses Dermalogica Overnight Clearing gel, this is designed to clear congestion and helps to prevent future breakouts.

Kate’s pal Jo Wood also helps Kate keep her body super smooth, with her Tula Exfoliating Salt Scrub, this is super invigorating and smoothing with a divine smell.

There are loads more of Kate’s favourites – from Penhaligons Bluebell fragrance to Rimmel eyeliner and mascara, she knows what works for her! I am looking forward to her latest Topshop line and her hair care range with super hairdresser “James Brown”.

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