LED Light Mask Therapy

LED Light Mask Treatments

Now this may look alarming but please don’t be put off with the Friday 13th vibe that this mask gives off. I have been using this LED light Mask in most of my skin treatments and can’t get enough of it. I have previously used the canopy versions and the hand-held LED gadgets but this seems more effective and much easier to do. Here is the science stuff, in case you’re wondering how on earth lights can do anything for your skin.


Independent research made by the NASA space program has shown that LED Light therapy promotes wound healing and human tissue growth. This is what started the aesthetic industry to prick its ears up and develop versions for skin rejuvenation.This is a safe, gentle and effective skin treatment.

How does it actually work? well LED’s (light-emitting diodes) produce soft cold light at specific wavelengths, Red, Blue and infrared which all have specific effects on the cells. Basically your cells absorb the light energy and it kick-starts a physical or chemical process.

Blue Led Light Mask

RED LIGHT – this helps increase cellular energy and charge ATP (cell fuel) for enhanced function. Red is the one for all things anti-ageing/anti-inflammatory as it stimulates Collagen synthesis and inhibits MMP1, and enzyme that breaks down healthy Collagen. The Red light bandwidth is 635 nm and is quickly absorbed because of the high blood and water content of the skin. I always find that my skin feels tighter and slightly lifted the next day.

BLUE LIGHT – Blue penetrates the skin by 415nm and is perfect for acne, rosacea, and broken capillaries. Calming and soothing, Blue light can kill acne bacteria (Propionbacterium) and has a sterilizing effect on the skin whilst soothing the sebaceous glands so they calm the output of sebum. Also reduces bleeding and heals burns.

PINK LIGHT – A combination of Red and Blue. This is great for skin that has breakouts and is also concerned with the signs of ageing.

INFRARED – this is an invisible light and penetrates the skin by 835nm through the cell wall. Warms the skin and stimulates circulation, accelerates repair, increases cellular ATP, stimulates Collagen and increases cellular growth and reproduction. The infrared light is working on both the Red, Blue and Pink setting.

LED Mask treatments can be used alone or in conjunction with other technologies. I like to use mine alongside Dermatude digital skin needling and skin peels, it helps the skin recover much quicker and is very calming and relaxing to experience. Alternatively you can have as a stand alone treatment and is great with a TT sheet mask underneath for 45 minutes to catch up on your zzzz.


LED Light Mask Therapy

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