New Vital Oils - Liz Earle

New Vital Oils – Liz Earle

This is one of my valuable resources on all oils, ranging from cooking/nutritional oils to topical skin oils and essential oils. It has helped me understand the confusion over what are the best fats to consume and in what ratio, with lots of information on the right sorts of spreads and the oils that are healthy to cook with.

There are sections on Oils for health, Healing Oils remedy finder, Oils for Food, Oils for Beauty, Essential Oils, Fats & Oils: the inside story. There is also a wealth of technical information and the chemical composition of nutritional oils.

With a wealth of new research and scientific evidence, New Vital Oils explains, in an easy to understand fashion, what are the most effective ingredients for radiant beauty and glowing health. With tips and hints for using oils as simple remedies, with recipes for making your own super skin boosting facial oils.

  • Boost your energy levels and achieve radiant clear skin
  • Improve your mood and speed up weight loss
  • Fully researched guide on essential oils
  • Healing Oils remedy finder, this helps you problem solve your skin/health problems – from Eczema, heart disease, PMS and Psoriasis and much more

New Vital Oils is the ultimate guide to radiant beauty and health! Ideal for anyone with an interest in beauty from the inside out.

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