Release Your Facial Tension

facial tension rollerMuscular Tension in the face is a common problem, especially as we get older. In some people it seems to be an area where all the stress accumulates and can result in your face feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Prolonged tension can end up dragging your face downwards! and make you look tired and drawn. Blood does not flow as well around stiff, tense muscles and nutrients and hydration will not be reaching the skin cells. This will make your skin dull and grey and can prematurely age you.

Try these steps to relax and release your face. The easiest way is to massage your face, do it regularly and firmly (try the Gankin Method) and work around the jaw line and cheeks where nodules of muscle can be broken down.

Try my  Rose Quartz Facial Roller to relax your face and iron out the kinks in the muscles. These feel really relaxing and help to release facial tension and increase blood flow. You can work all over the face and neck and even around the eyes, be quite firm and work on knotty muscles along the jaw and underneath the cheek bones.

Indian head massage can really help as a tight scalp has a knock on effect on all the muscles of the face and neck, the same goes for neck and shoulders. Try to make it a regular habit.

Release the Muscles at the Base of the Tongue

A more painful approach is to pay a visit to Osteopath Vicky Vlachonis in London, who can release the muscles inside the mouth at the base of the tongue. The results can be amazing, a true non surgical face-lift but a big release on the jaw and muscles for chronic sufferers.

Another handy Gizmo is the Sarah Chapman Facialift, which is a knobbly looking contraption that rotates as you run it up and down your jaw line and cheeks.




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