The beautiful pink stone of Rose Quartz has been crafted into these rollers to massage your face and under the eyes. You may have seen them made out of Jade but I think the unique swirls of Rose Quartz is rather special. Cools, contours and feels very relaxing, massaging your face with this solid roller can iron out the kinks in muscle tissue and ease a tired, stressed face.

Regular rolling boosts blood flow and increases oxygen supply to the skin

This dual ended roller can be used for massaging the face, neck and eyes. Massaging your face daily can give a more “contoured” look to the face and increase elasticity of the skin. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated which can reduce puffiness in the face and around the eyes; this can also have a detoxifying effect.

As seen in the goodie bags at The British Comedy Awards 2013, Stella Magazine, Fabric and the Daily Mail

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