Skin Needling Derma Roller

Skin Needling with Derma Rollers

Skin needling, also known as C.I.T (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a method of skin rejuvenation through the use of “Derma Rollers“, these hand held tools look a little like small paint rollers and contain up to 200 Micro-needles that come in different sizes, the best quality rollers will have precision, surgical steel needles that are Gamma sterilised. Derma Rollers are an excellent non-surgical tool to treat various skin conditions such as, ageing, (wrinkles, stretching), Acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, alopecia, scars and pregnancy stretch marks. Skin needling is “Mesotherapeutic” which means to apply non-surgical medicinal techniques to the “middle layer” of the skin.

Clinical studies have shown skin needling to be more effective than laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical peels, without any of the side effects, downtime and is a fraction of the cost. Safety comes first with any kind of treatment, and skin needling is perfectly safe, “Non surgical and non ablative“, which means more skin friendly (it doesn’t remove the protective skin barrier) and no pain or complications.

How Do Derma Rollers Work?

You will find that most Anti-Ageing treatments have a common goal, to injure the skin just enough to begin natural healing processes, which in turn leads to younger looking skin. Derma Rollers injure the skin when you roll over it with the very fine needles (they are finer than a hair!), this action stimulates the skin’s wound healing process, which stimulates Fibroblast production and works to make more healthy Collagen and Elastin. The skin can become thicker and look younger and tighter, wrinkles can be minimized and scarring can definitely improve.

The History of Derma Rollers

In 1996 Dr Des Fernandes (founder of Environ Skincare, and South African Dermatologist) first introduced a needling device, it was a small needle stamp, to induce collagen and used as a regular treatment in his surgical practice. He delivered his first paper on skin needling of the upper lips to the ISAPA Congress in Taipe in 1996. He then went on to develop Environ’s Roll Cit, which was one of the first rollers available for personal use at home.

Roll Active Ingredients Into Your Skin

One of the plus points of using a Dermaroller at home is the increased product absorbency into the skin, this can be up to 3000% increase. The fine needles, injure the skin and result in “Micro-Channels” which literally allow your serums or other active products to actually penetrate and work on the lower layers of the skin, this definitely increases product performance. You can also “Roll” your serum into your skin using the roller, just apply the product and roll it in, you must clean the roller properly afterwards with either boiled water or sterilizing solution. I have found that some of the best ingredients to use with a Dermaroller are Collagen stimulating – Vitamin C-ester, Vitamin A, Peptides, Growth Factors and muscle firming DMAE.

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