The beauty industry is rife with myths and rumour! there is a need to find the truth and cut out the hype, so after many years of research on skincare, nutrition and wellness, I have found many credible sources of information that I can rely on for honest, straightforward information and expert opinions. Here’s my list of some of the best in the industry……..

Skin & Dermatology

The International Institute For Anti-Ageing – The IIAA aims to inform and educate health professionals to deliver real results that show an improvement in their clients biological age, all research comes from an expert panel and is all about the latest in Anti-Ageing on many levels.

The International Dermal Institute – The IDI is the home for skincare professionals and provides excellent post-graduate education in skin & body therapy. Founded in 1983 by Jane Wurwand, IDI started as a storefront, one-room classroom is now at the forefront of the evolution of skincare, elevating the respect and success of the skincare industry and the professional skin therapist around the world. They also make Dermalogica Skincare products.

Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association –  Their website “The Facts About” aims to sort out the myths or scare stories you may have seen in the media about cosmetic ingredients, and will help you put what you’ve read into perspective. This has all the latest factual information and is the first place I go when I read a “scare story”!

Beauty Mag Online– Florence Barret-Hill is the editor of this on-line e-magazine specifically for the skin treatment therapist who wants to stay informed on the latest information and topical issues in the beauty/skin industry. Florence is one of New Zealand’s leading independent beauty therapy technical educators and practitoners with over 30 years experience to share. This online magazine has a host of articles researched and written by herself and other specialists, well worth a read!

European Cosmetics  Association– Also known as Colipa, they provide information on EU legislation and product labelling in the world of cosmetics. You will also find information on the strict safety guidelines that cosmetic products have to go through, and the rules and regulations that companies have to abide by, if you interested in what goes into your products, this is recommended reading!

Journal Of Investigative Dermatology – This is more of a scientific site with research papers to read, but there are some very interesting articles!

British Association of Dermatologists – This site has lots of information on skin diseases and fact sheets available, written and approved by Dermatologists, as well as current issues about skin health.

Baummen Cosmetics & Research Institute– I am a big fan of one of the founders of this association, the wonderful “Dr Leslie Baummen“, author of the Skin Type Solution (worth a read). They provide research on cosmetic products and treatments and advise on what actually works with sound scientific evidence.

The Lancet – One of the worlds leading medical journals that publishes high quality clinical trials, but remains independent and unaffiliated with any medical or scientific organisation.

The National Rosacea Society – Information on every aspect of Rosacea, for sufferers, physicians and anyone with an interest on this skin disorder.

The Psoriasis Association – If you have Psoriasis or you know someone who is suffering, then this is the site for you! Information on what Psoriasis is and what effective treatments are available.

UK National Eczema Society – The UK’s leading eczema patient support organisation, offering help and information to everyone affected by eczema.