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It’s not just Madonna who loves the O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen facials, those gals from Sex and the City received some of the fabulous treatments on the set of the movie.

Sex & the City Makeup Artist Talks About O2 Intraceuticals

I have been a professional makeup artist for over twenty years. I have been involved in every aspect from fashion to television and feature films. I have had experience with practically every product on the market. My clients are used to the latest and greatest in skin care and makeup. I am very excited about Intraceuticals and how fantastic the treatments make the skin look.

My most recent projects have been Dirty Sexy Money and Sex in the City, the Movie. On Dirty Sexy Money I gave treatments to many of the cast members before applying makeup and there was a remarkable difference in the final results. On Sex in the City, the movie, I did treatments on Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis and again the results were fantastic. After long hours of travel this treatment helps to freshen skin and help with the makeup application.

Kris Evans
Makeup Artist Hollywood

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