Super Seeds

Super Nutritious SeedsSeeds are a pretty amazing source of concentrated energy, so don’t be fooled by how small they are! Seeds are the life source of plants and absolutely bursting with nutrients, including protein so great for vegetarians. They are also packed with Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins ( lots of skin friendly Vitamin E) and bursting with and Minerals.

The variety of seeds available can be eaten raw, delicious toasted, sprinkled on salads and porridge or just eaten by the handful, we should aim to have one handful (our own size hand!) a day of a mix of nuts and seeds. Try my Trail Mix for a variety of seeds, nuts and superfruits for healthy snacking.

The Most Nutritious Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds – Rich in protein, iron, zinc and phosphorous, these dark green seeds are delicious raw or cooked in both sweet or savoury dishes, I add a handful to my homemade Spelt bread. I have recently discovered Pumkin Seed Butter, which is an alternative to nut butters and is delicious and rich in Omega 3. Apparently Pumkin Seeds can improve your sex drive! especially for men, due to the high Zinc levels.

Sunflower Seeds – A particularly good skin food as they are very high in Protein. Also rich in skin friendly antioxidant Vitamin E, B Vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids and Fibre. Sunflower seeds can be eaten raw or cooked, added to breads and flapjacks, sprinkled over cereals, porridge and salads, also include in a Trail Mix, a delicious and nutritious snack.

Sesame Seeds – A good source of protein and high in Calcium, often used for oriental cooking, but you can eat the whole seeds either in breads, sprinkled onto salads or used in almost any way you like. Sesame Seeds are very tiny but contain plenty of skin loving Vitamin E and Lecithin, which is a substance that helps lock moisture into the skin and  improve dry skin whilst preventing premature ageing.

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