Gold Skincare

Are there benefits to GOLD Skincare?

Is Gold infused skincare just a fad or does it deserve any merit? Gold skincare isn’t that new, Geishas used 24k gold on there skin to give a luminous, radiant glow and Cleopatra is said to have slept in a Golden mask. Gold is said to be an Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory,  Anti-bacterial for skin and of course give you a luminous glow.

Professionals may dispute whether there are any benefits for your skin as not a great deal of research has been done, but maybe the real benefits are emotional rather than scientific? We just love seeing a Golden glow on our faces! but my thoughts on this are if something brings you joy, then why not?

24k Gold DustI’m seeing either 24k gold powders, Gold Leaf and Colloidal Gold being increasingly used in many brands including Peter Thomas Roth, Bioessence, Prai, Tatcha, Carita, Mimiluzon, Nuface and Ziip to mention a few, but there are many more. What is the Science behind Gold topically applied on the skin?

The Science on Gold

There’s not a lot of science to support Gold’s skincare claims, but here is what I could find….

A study appearing in the “The Journal of the American Medical Association” reported the effect of gold leaf on low blood-flow skin ulcers. Findings showed a significant improvement in mouth lesions and skin ulcers suggesting an increase of blood flow to the area.

Gold is thought to have antibacterial properties and to help transport oxygen molecules into the skin for cell renewal to treat ulcers and inflammatory conditions of the skin. Some skin-healing benefits of gold were demonstrated in a study by the University of Miami School of Medicine, which found that concentrations of gold administered in skin inhibited prostaglandin synthesis, an inflammatory trigger.

An online publication in 2014 shared some new insights into how gold nanoparticles (< 100nm in size) could possibly penetrate the outer skin barrier (epidermis) and migrate into the deep layers (dermis and hyperdermis).

Colloidal gold which consists of micronised gold particles suspended in distilled water or other liquids has been used in alternative medicine since the 19th century. Also known as Nano Gold and appearing as a red or yellow coloured liquid, it has been used both internally as well as externally. Externally, the tiny gold particles from the colloid penetrate through the cell membranes easily and work effectively towards providing relief from the symptoms of several health disorders. Colloidal gold is believed to repair and strengthen the skin. Gold refracts and reflects light making the skin look younger and more radiant.

Although there is not a lot of research that shows how much gold penetrates the skin, it does look like some gold particles do penetrate if prepared in a specific way. The 24 karat gold is said to be soft enough for better skin penetration.

Using Metals for Conductivity

I am an electrical facialist, so anything that can improve conductivity to the skin interests me. Metals conduct electricity very well, In order. Silver 100%, Copper 95% then Gold 70%. Ziip and Nuface make a conducting gel with 24k Gold and micronised Colloidal Gold. The Gold will give glow and improve conductivity of the currents to the skin’s tissues.

Recommended conductive gels to use with a home Micro-current or Nano- current.

  1. Nuface Gel Primer 24K gold complex Brighten – also has pigment reducing ingredients.
  2. ZIIP Golden Conductive gel  – a luxury price tag but a little goes a long way and the glow lasts even after you have removed it, but it can be left on overnight.

Gold Skincare, Masks, Serums and Powders

  1. Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask
  2. Mimiluzon Glow collection
  3. Bioessence – do a whole range based on 24k Gold, the Gold infused water is a lovely tonic.
  4. Tatcha Gold and Camelia Collection – I love the Gold leaf blotting papers.
  5. Prai 24K Gold Collection

Environ also do a Gold needling device for home use, which is great as the Gold provides a more anti-bacterial environment.

I think for me, the benefits of using real Gold in a formula is the conductivity for your at-home micro-current devices, and the illuminating radiance it could give your complexion, especially pre-event skin prepping.

Environ Gold Dermaroller

Gold is by no mean the Gold-standard in anti-ageing but it is a nice ingredient to calm redness and illuminate the skin. For me, as I age I really long for that youthful incandescent glow at age 40, and Gold is a cheats way of achieving this. But don’t forget the rest of your healthy ageing arsenal of ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Peptides, Growth Factors, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid and Botanicals.



Environ Youth Essential Eye Gel

Environ Youth EssentiA Vita Peptide Eye Gel

Environ Youth EssentiA Vita Peptide Eye Gel is the eye product that I use on a daily basis, and it is by far one of the best eye products I have found. I favour a gel/serum texture as it absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy and doesn’t cause puffiness. The benefit of such a lovely light texture is that you can apply this all over your eye lid and underneath the eye, right up to your lower lashes. I see so many people who have never applied any sort of product on the upper lid, this can lead to premature ageing and lead to drooping, heavy looking lids through sheer neglect.

Environ Youth EssentiA Vita Peptide Eye Gel (formerly known as C-quence Eye Gel)  contains a variety of Vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides to help improve the appearance of fine lines and hydrate the skin around the eyes. Environ’s star ingredient is of course Vitamin A, in the form of Retinyl Palmitate, this is in low levels so won’t irritate the delicate eye area and helps normalise and repair skin cells.

Peptides have the ability to slow down ageing of the skin

The other stars of the show are of course “Peptides”, in the form of Matrixyl, Dermaxyl and Argireline. These trio stimulate Collagen and Elastin production, stimulate Cermamide production and relax facial tension to reduce lines and wrinkles (the Argireline does this). I have found that peptides have the ability to “SLOW down Ageing of the skin”, so cumulative, consistent use will build results.

What are Peptides? well they act as messengers between the cells and tell them to get on with the job of making Collagen and Elastin.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Collagen Support

Skin Collagen Support Supplement

I recommend Skin Collagen Support by the Advanced Nutrition Programme to help support your healthy Collagen from the inside. Supplements are just as important (if not more) as your topical products as they are able to get to the Dermis, so do not dismiss them!

Liquilift Bio Active Face Lift

Liquilift – Bio Active Face Lift

Liquilift is by no means an ordinary face mask and when a pot of this landed on my desk I got quite excited, especially at the thought of anything that can instantly lift. I decided to use this before an important party as I needed to glow and am always in need of a “lift”

Let me explain the science behind Liquilift and what it claims to do. Developed by a Cosmeceutical chemist it is designed to deliver a salon effective result to the woman at home.  The Starring ingredient is Liftonin – made up of tarmine tannins extracted from Oak trees – which have a tautening, astringent effect and strengthens the cells. These Tannins also have antioxidant protective qualities and will give your cells protection against Free radical damage. Another powerhouse ingredient is extracted from Millet and claims to stimulate Collagen/Elastin production so you can see how using this gives cumulative rejuvenating results.

 How to use Liquilift

There is no way of avoiding looking like Zelda from the Terrorhawks  when you use Liquilift (anyone old enough to remember that??), it is quite scary so make sure no one is around to make you laugh! or it really hurts when the mask is dry. So make sure you have freshly cleansed skin and the trick is to apply this sticky gel/liquid quickly in a thin layer and work outwards until you have covered all your face and jaw, and on your neck if you really need it.

TIP – replace the lid as soon as possible to avoid the product reacting with Oxygen.

Leave to set for between 10 and 40 minutes, I have found after using a few times the longer you leave it the better the Lift. The trick for removing easily is use plenty of water either with sponges or a soft cloth. Apply serum and moisturiser.

RESULTS – I found this had a remarkable effect on my skin, and noticed it most around my eyes as my fine lines had diminished quite considerably. Also my nasal labial folds were much less visible but I loved the texture of my skin. The circulation is definitely increased and this gives you a fab glow and will bring all the good stuff to your skin cells. I also loved the improved clarity of my skin with an improved appearance of pores and smoothness. Even after a few glasses of Prosecco I still looked fresh and lifted, like you have had an amazing nights sleep and everything has just repaired itself.

Overall it is an excellent “Treatment” for your skin and should be maintained at least once of twice a week to achieve the cumulative results and maintain your “Lift

Liquilift costs £90 from



Why Have Facial Treatments

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails

Let me introduce this skin reviving liquid for tired, dehydrated and less than glowy skin. This unique water like fluid contains two types of Hylauronic Acid with either an energizing shot of B12 or the more detoxifying formula containing Chlorophyll. It’s super hydrating formula sinks in immediately and you can actually feel it “quenching” your skin, this also contains Sodium PCA which helps bind moisture into your skin and lock it in.

Reboot tired, dehydrated skin with a potent blend of active ingredients

I was hooked after the first application of this fluid that you pour into your hands and press/massage into your skin. Instantly plumping up the skin giving you a very smooth appearance with a healthy glow, not to mention dehydration fine lines just disappear. Another plus point is your moisturiser seems to work better as it has something to bind to.  This also has a beautiful natural botanical smell that is a pleasure to use.

Can be used on any skin type and age, so definitely one to add to your anti-ageing arsenal of products.

The Clear Skin Cookbook by Dale Pinnock

I think by now we all know that what we eat and drink makes a huge impact on the quality of our skin and how we will age. Dale Pinnock is the UK’s first medicinal chef and his book explains how what we eat can affect our skin and how to improve the overall radiance and appearance of our skin.

Clear Skin CookbookThe right food can improve your skin!

This is something that I am passionate about as well as topical skincare, and believe you need to treat your skin from inside and outside to really make improvements and prevent damage in the longterm.

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MesoAge Hyaluronic Treatment

I have just discovered this skin quenching gel by a Spanish brand called Institute BCN. This is a Hyaluronic Acid rich gel that absorbs instantly into your skin and plumps out dehydration lines giving your skin a little lift. I am a big fan of HA gels and this one is now my favourite, it […]

Release Your Facial Tension

facial tension rollerMuscular Tension in the face is a common problem, especially as we get older. In some people it seems to be an area where all the stress accumulates and can result in your face feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Prolonged tension can end up dragging your face downwards! and make you look tired and drawn. Blood does not flow as well around stiff, tense muscles and nutrients and hydration will not be reaching the skin cells. This will make your skin dull and grey and can prematurely age you.

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Give Your Face a Lift with Eva Fraser

Do you like the idea of chiselled cheekbones and taut skin with reduces bags and jowels? Well Eva Fraser is the expert on facial exercises and can guide you to a fabulous face. I recommend my clients to have a one on one session with Eva in Kensington but you can buy her dvd and book.

Eva is an amazing example of what her facial fitness regime can do, born in 1928, Eva devised a series of facial exercises and has definitely been practising what she preaches as her jaw is tight and smooth, her cheeks full and high with a very young looking neck.

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Oxygen Facials

An Intraceuticals Oxygen facial is a unique experience providing instant results you can see and feel. Known as “Hollywood’s best kept secret”, these unique Oxygen Facials are used by many celebrities, including Madonna who gives a rare endorsement saying “I love the Intraceuticals treatments and so does my face”.

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The Best Habits For Healthy Skin

1) Protection, Protection, Protection! – The best anti-ageing product you can ever buy is an effective broad spectrum sunscreen with antioxidants. It’s not very glamorous I know, but if you start at a young age, you can prevent skin damage from the sun – which will eventually show itself as wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, premature ageing and skin cancers.

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