MesoAge Hyaluronic Treatment

I have just discovered this skin quenching gel by a Spanish brand called Institute BCN. This is a Hyaluronic Acid rich gel that absorbs instantly into your skin and plumps out dehydration lines giving your skin a little lift. I am a big fan of HA gels and this one is now my favourite, it […]

Oxygen Facials

An Intraceuticals Oxygen facial is a unique experience providing instant results you can see and feel. Known as “Hollywood’s best kept secret”, these unique Oxygen Facials are used by many celebrities, including Madonna who gives a rare endorsement saying “I love the Intraceuticals treatments and so does my face”.

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Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Dermalogica MoisturisersDry skin and dehydration can be a temporary problem for most people – for example, in the winter. But for some, dry skin is a lifelong concern – they have genetically lipid dry skin (Allipoid).

Dry skin, also known as Xerosis, effects many people of all ages, even infants. As we get older there is a significant drop in the Stratum Corneum Lipids – fats that are essential for the structure and function of living cells, as well as Ceramides (one of the important components that make up the skin’s Lipid Barrier).

By the time we reach our 40’s, our skin will most likely be dry as well as dehydrated.

Lifestyle can also contribute to a dry or dehydrated skin – stress, continued exposure to the sun, wind, and chemicals in the environment will all weaken your skin’s barrier and vital moisture is lost.

Also the products you choose can sometimes irritate and artificially dry your skin out, avoid S.D Alcohol (specially denatured- also known as Alcohol Denat) Any toners that feel like they are burning are a no no! they most likely contain S.D Alcohol or some other form of barrier solvent, you really want to strengthen your skin’s barrier and keep it as intact as you can.

Dry skin, or Allipoid skin, generally refers to a skin that is lacking in oil, whereas dehydrated skin is defined by the lack of water in the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis. Typically, skin cells that make up the deepest layers of the epidermis have around 80% water content, while cells of the stratum corneum are about 10% water. Anything below 10% is perceived as dehydrated.

Oily skin can still be dehydrated, it has enough levels of sebum (your skin’s oil) but that doesn’t help maintain water levels in the skin. A true dry skin will lack oil and also be dehydrated, due to a poor barrier that is leaking vital moisture.

Both dry and dehydrated skin is often irritated, inflamed and itchy, and it is worse in areas with very few sebaceous glands – such as arms, torso and legs as well as cheeks and eyes.

Other symptoms of dry skin can include a feeling of tightness or tautness, especially after bathing (having a bath is actually the worst thing for dry skin!), skin can flake and dry skin is more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Dry skin will not have visible pores, the follicles will be quite tight.

Dry Skin Genes

Scientists at the University of Dundee have discovered the gene that causes dry skin. The Dundee research team says that its work has discovered the gene that produces “Filaggrin“, which helps the skin form a protective barrier, isn’t producing Filaggrin in a true Dry Skin. Filaggrin is normally found in large quantities in the outermost layers of the skin and is an essential part of the skin Barrier Function, helping to retain water and has moisturising properties, as well as keeping foreign organisms and bacteria out. They may have found the genetic reason for dry skin, but no cure! all I can say is moisturise, moisturise and then moisturise a bit more!

Winter Xerosis

This is also known as Chicago winter skin. It occurs when people live in a climate that goes from humid to very dry. This can be very uncomfortable for your skin, the reason is the low humidity which causes a decrease in the water content of the Stratum Corneum.

Lifestyle facors to avoid!

  • Over Cleansing – Yes! you can wash your skin too much! – avoid soap, it’s too alkaline and will strip your skin’s barrier. Use acid balanced cleansers, in a cream or cream/gel formulation. Also avoid very Hot water.
  • Over exfoliation – too much is definitely bad for your skin, dry skin needs a certain amount of exfoliation, but keep it light and less frequent, I like Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, it’s a super gentle polisher that leaves skin really smooth and glowing.
  • Avoid products with artificial colours or fragrance.
  • Smoking can also have a drying and dehydrating effect on the skin, as smoking inhibits the body’s ability to provide oxygen, nutrients and water to the skin. Smoking also drains the skin (and your body) of Vitamins A and C, and restricts blood vessels. You suffocate your skin from the inside.
  • The Sun can also contribute to dry skin, constant exposure to the sun causes water to evaporate from the skin, tanned or burned skin requires a lot more moisturising for this reason. Always wear an SPF at all times!
  • A Fat Free diet is definitely a trouble! and will put you on the path to dry skin and premature ageing! Skin friendly Essential Fatty Acids are the “good” fats and will provide your body the ingredients to support your skin’s barrier. I like Viridian’s Organic Beauty Oil or Udo’s Choice Oil blend  and take a tablespoon every day! It is also thought that taking “Hyaluronic Acid” supplements can plump cells and hydrate skin from within.
  • Excess Alcohol, and certain medications (such as decongestants) can also contribute to dry skin and cause dehydration.

What can you do?

There are many steps you can take to lessen the discomfort of dry and dehydrated skin. The right lifestyle choices are a great start, as well as a Professional Skin Treatment and effective home-care products.

Contrary to popular belief drinking water does not directly hydrate and impact your skin! your better off topically applying products to combat the moisture loss.

We need our bodies to be hydrated in order for our cells to get the water they need, but we are only as good as our circulation and lymphatic system! If they are not great, the blood vessels will not be carrying all the nutrients, water and oxygen to our skin! So the key is to do enough exercise (regularly) to get the blood flowing and you sweating! and your face nice and rosy!

It is true our body loses around 2 litres a day through sweat, urine etc, and we do need to put that back in, but we get water from our food as well as drinking, I try to drink about 1 litre of water a day as well as other drinks, and I eat lots of fruit and veg.  The signs of dehydration are –  lethargy, headaches and thirst – don’t let your body get to this point, so always keep some water handy!

The use of a humidifier will also help add moisture to surrounding air – central heating is terrible for our skin, warm dry air acts like a giant sponge, soaking up moisture from everything it touches. Dry-it-out  has a wide range of affordable humidifiers, or you can place some bowls of water around the house, house plants will also help.

Topical Solutions For Dry Skin

Effective skin-care for dry skin will include the use of emollients and hydrators to replenish skin, and antioxidant vitamins and peptides to stimulate collagen production and increase the skin’s barrier protection. Make sunscreen as much a part of your routine as cleansing and moisturising, apply at least a teaspoon to get the correct SPF.

Cleansers For Dry Skin

Avoid stripping the skin with one of these creamy, hydrating cleansers, if your skin is too dry to use water then simply tissue off.

Toners For Dry Skin

Spritz toners are great for dry or dehydrated skin, apply your moisturiser onto freshly spritzed, damp skin and you will seal in and trap extra moisture.

Moisturisers For Dry Skin

Treatment Masks for Dry Skin

Use a mask 2-3 times a week as a super hydrating and nourishing fix, especially in the winter or on holidays.

Products To Combat Dehydration

Some of the products above will be too emollient for skin’s that are dehydrated and not genetically dry, some of them though are still fine to use, even on oily skin. If in doubt, please ask me. The products below will tackle dehydration, even on oily, easily congested skin.

Skin Treatments For Dry And Dehydrated Skin

Sometimes your skin needs an extra boost, regardless of what products you are using – that’s the time to get a skin treatment. Treatments are tailored to your skin, as I am sure you may have other skin concerns apart from dryness or dehydration. Using Professional strength products and equipment that give real results. In a treatment we can use higher strength exfoliants, enhance the penetration of active ingredients with electricals, and enhance circulation and the lymphatic system.


Crystal Clear Wrinkle Erase Pads

Crystal Clear Skincare have come up with the ultimate, instant eye lift with these Chitosan impregnated pads.

Available in a box of 8 treatments these miracle pads smooth, lift and hydrate the fine, delicate tissue around the eyes, creating a look that is instantly fresher and less tired, they also feel lovely and cooling on the skin.
It’s the ultimate optical illusion – giving you an instant eye lift thanks to the unique combination of an activator solution with Caffeine applied over the Chitosan pads.

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Jan Marini Transformation Cream

Jan Marini Transformation Cream

Jan Marini Transformation Cream is one of the best moisturisers I have ever used, it’s one of my Hero Products. This silky cream rapidly and dramatically gives the skin a visibly smoother, silky feeling surface. Transformation Cream will rebuild and repair damaged cells to maintain and the appearance of youthful, healthy skin. Its light, emollient base is suitable for all skin types, I find this especially useful for skin’s that are normally oily, but in the winter find they need a heavier moisturiser, that doesn’t clog pores or cause acne!

Top Benefits of Jan Marini Transformation Cream

  • Oil free, non-comedogenic formula absorbs immediately – feels lovely on your skin!
  • Includes two newly developed Pentapeptides with Thymosin beta4, Transformation Growth Factor beta-1, and vascular Growth Factor
  • Supplemental agents include Hyaluronic Acid and Nayad, and a unique hydrating complex
  • Works well with Glycolic acid products, Retin-A, topical medications and make-up


This is an excellent moisturiser to use to help repair your skin’s barrier and generally strengthen your skin, it’s choc full of peptides and growth factors, ideal for use after a Derma Roller to aid Collagen stimulation – resulting in firmer, smoother, plumped skin.

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How Much Water is Enough?


Drinking WaterThe whole drinking 2 litres of Water a day rule, originated from scientific research where they found out that this is how much fluid we actually lose, every day, through sweat and excretions. Although we lose this amount, research has shown that we don’t necessarily have to “drink” this amount to remain hydrated. I think most of us have come to the realisation that we also get water from many of our food choices and other drinks.

Drinking loads more than your body needs only results in lots of trips to the loo and in extreme cases can be very dangerous! Hyporathraemia or water intoxication can cause kidney problems and result in death – I’m talking extreme here though! So moderation is key, and small sips of fluid throughout the day is best, instead of glugging 1 litre in one go!

Food is Also a Source of Water

Some of the signs that you are dehydrated are headaches, lethargy and lack of concentration, I don’t like to let myself get to this stage of dehydration, so again it is about finding that balance and listening to your body, remember we are about 70% water. Part of your water intake can also be from your tea and coffee (I know, we have always been told they dehydrated you!), but again in moderation – up to 4 cups a day isn’t enough caffeine to cause the diuretic effect. Your food is also a huge source of water! think of all the fruit and vegetable choices, these can help make up your 2 litres a day.

Drinking Water will NOT Plump Your Skin!

As for hydrating your skin – well drinking water in huge quantities will not directly impact your skin and plump out dehydration lines! It is true our cells need to be constantly replenished with nutrients and water, but our internal organs will benefit first, and a good circulation is vital to get the water and nutrients flowing to your skin cells, exercise is the key here and will bring a rosy glow to your face! bringing nutrients and water to your skin cells.

 You are better off tackling dehydrated skin from the outside, topical products with Hyaluronic Acid are brilliant at hydrating and act as a humectant, binding more moisture to your skin which has a skin plumping effect. Also strengthening your skin’s barrier nutritionally will help prevent  Trans-epidermal-Water Loss (TEWL) through the layers of skin and will definitely have an overall effect on softness and smoothness –  try an Omega blend of 3.6.9 oils I like Udo’s Choice Omega Oil Blend and Viridian Organic Beauty Oil.


Winter Skin Treatment

Winter Skin Treatment


This treatment is designed to target some of the uncomfortable effects of central heating and freezing outside temperatures.

Autumn is a time of universal change, and our skin is not exempt from this change. Autumn/Winter is the perfect time to repair some of the damage done during the summer. Summer heat can drain the skin of nutrients and damage skin cells with UV rays.


My treatment starts with cleansing (warm steam) and enzyme exfoliation suitable for your skin, and then 10 minutes of electrical cell regeneration using Nano Currents. This Recharges skin cells with energy and makes them behave in a healthier way, leading to better cell replication: this makes skin look younger and GLOW.


Next is a circulation boosting facial massage with a face oil suitable for your skin. Followed by a skin barrier repair mask full of fatty acids, Beta Glucan and skin plumping ingredients.


Lastly, deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Acid/Antioxidant serum is infused into the lower levels of skin with Ultrasonic technology then suitable moisturiser and eye cream is applied (and SPF).

My Winter Skin Treatment will help reduce the feeling of tightness and dry skin but also work on a cellular level to keep those results in place. Your skin will be able to hold onto its own water better and Natural Moisture Factor will be increased leading to a better, healthier skin barrier.

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