Microcurrent Tips

Tips to Improve Your Microcurrent

Regardless of whether you have a professional machine or an at-home device these tips will help you to achieving superior lasting results with Microcurrent.

  1. Cleanse and De-grease the skin. This is vital as oil will block the current, so if you leave any oily residue on the skin it will inhibit the current from actually travelling into the skin and muscles. I tend to double cleanse and follow with a toner. If you are a professional you can even perform desincrustation for a few minutes first, this will saponify sebum in the pores leading to better microcurrent penetration.
  2. Exfoliate. You can use a gentle Lactic Acid with enzymes or a lighter peel, my preference is Lactic Acid as its also hydrating. Do not perform strong peels as it can be irritating when currents are applied afterwards. Always bring the skin back to PH before you apply the current. Remember your skin is a resistor so removing some extra Stratum Corneum cells will reduce the resistance to the current and improve the electrical circuit.
  3. Cotton Tips. If you use probes with cotton tips then I highly recommend using a Saline solution instead of a gel. If you use a thick gel the current simply moves across the gel and not into the skin, it will always follow the path of least resistance (Ohms Law). You will get superior results with Saline and the minerals are wonderful for the skin, just keep a fresh bowl close to you so you can keep dipping your cotton tips into it and apply to the skin. If you use metal probes then you have to use a gel to get conductivity. Look for gels with Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Minerals and possibly Gold or Silver to enhance the electrolyte activity.
  4. Buy a quality machine. You can’t get a good true Microcurrent for £200. You just can’t. Expect to pay between £3000 – £6000 for a good professional machine. Always ask for the specifications as not all Microcurrent devices are created equal. It takes a lot of engineering expertise to create a pure electrical signal that is close to what our body generates to injury and healing. Please ask me for the Parameters of a good Microcurrent machine.
  5. Hydrate your skin cells and Fascia. The Hydration level of your skin cells and interstitial spaces will have an effect on the way the current can effect the cells and how far it can travel into the skin and muscles. Try to drink more pure water and take an omega supplement to help with internal hydration, I choose the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas. Encourage your clients receiving microcurrent to implement this at least 3 months before they start a course of treatments. This ensures the best results possible. Fascia is highly conductive and can be sculpted but it needs to be hydrated in order to be effected by the currents.
  6. Training. Don’t always rely on the manufacturer of the machine you purchased. Do your own research, look at the facial muscles and learn the origin and insertion, where the Golgi Tendon Organ is and learn from some people who really know. Joseph Ventura, Darren Starwynn, Dr Thomas Wing. Read the The Body Electric by Robert Becker to really understand how electromagnetism is the foundation of life.
Liquilift Bio Active Face Lift

Liquilift – Bio Active Face Lift

Liquilift is by no means an ordinary face mask and when a pot of this landed on my desk I got quite excited, especially at the thought of anything that can instantly lift. I decided to use this before an important party as I needed to glow and am always in need of a “lift”

Let me explain the science behind Liquilift and what it claims to do. Developed by a Cosmeceutical chemist it is designed to deliver a salon effective result to the woman at home.  The Starring ingredient is Liftonin – made up of tarmine tannins extracted from Oak trees – which have a tautening, astringent effect and strengthens the cells. These Tannins also have antioxidant protective qualities and will give your cells protection against Free radical damage. Another powerhouse ingredient is extracted from Millet and claims to stimulate Collagen/Elastin production so you can see how using this gives cumulative rejuvenating results.

 How to use Liquilift

There is no way of avoiding looking like Zelda from the Terrorhawks  when you use Liquilift (anyone old enough to remember that??), it is quite scary so make sure no one is around to make you laugh! or it really hurts when the mask is dry. So make sure you have freshly cleansed skin and the trick is to apply this sticky gel/liquid quickly in a thin layer and work outwards until you have covered all your face and jaw, and on your neck if you really need it.

TIP – replace the lid as soon as possible to avoid the product reacting with Oxygen.

Leave to set for between 10 and 40 minutes, I have found after using a few times the longer you leave it the better the Lift. The trick for removing easily is use plenty of water either with sponges or a soft cloth. Apply serum and moisturiser.

RESULTS – I found this had a remarkable effect on my skin, and noticed it most around my eyes as my fine lines had diminished quite considerably. Also my nasal labial folds were much less visible but I loved the texture of my skin. The circulation is definitely increased and this gives you a fab glow and will bring all the good stuff to your skin cells. I also loved the improved clarity of my skin with an improved appearance of pores and smoothness. Even after a few glasses of Prosecco I still looked fresh and lifted, like you have had an amazing nights sleep and everything has just repaired itself.

Overall it is an excellent “Treatment” for your skin and should be maintained at least once of twice a week to achieve the cumulative results and maintain your “Lift

Liquilift costs £90 from




Electrical Cocktails

Electrical Cocktails Skin Treatment

 Energy Facial – includes LED Therapy

 60 minutes £130

 90 minutes deluxe £175

Electricity is the “Essence of Life” and using stimulating electric currents in facial treatments isn’t anything new, but what is new and modern is combining different types of frequencies and types of current to the skin to achieve a better result, AKA – Electrical Cocktails.

Electrical Cocktails can Lift, Sculpt, Heal and Regenerate on a cellular level

My Electrical Cocktails include and start with Radio Frequency (solo), followed with Nano Current and Micro Current, this combination will be working to achieve the following:

  • Stimulate Collagen and Elastin (Collagen Re-modelling)
  • Skin Tightening – Radio Frequency causes a contraction of facial skin through deep heat
  • Healing and enhancing skin health – low level currents  breathes new life into skin cells
  • Charges up cell fuel ATP
  • Lifting, sculpting and Shaping the muscles of the face and neck – Micro Current

I recommend a course of Microcurrent treatments before you progress onto more invasive treatments like skin needling or a skin Peel as your skin will be a in a more healthy place and more able to heal/regenerate.

Book an appointment online  This treatment is available in London with Julia at The Charterhouse clinic.