Red Carpet Glow

Sepia Paparazzi Moisturiser

This illuminating liquid gives you a gorgeous dewy glow with an instant radiance. The texture is super light and hydrating that quickly absorbs providing a smooth canvas for make-up.

I am using this in my “Red Carpet Treatment” but you can also use on a daily basis to give you that youthful “light” to your face or you can save for special occasions or when you are having a “Grey” day.

This is best applied to clean skin, and you can even use  a little under the eyes to brighten any darkness. If your skin is on the dry side and you need a richer cream you add a pump to your regular cream to brighten it up.


Paparazzi contains antioxidants, with protective, cell repairing actives and iridescent pigments to brighten the skin. contains no oil derivatives, allergens or sensitising substances and wont clog pores.

Sepia is available exclusively at Selfridges.