The Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

The Clarisonic Cleansing Brush comes from the creators of the “Sonicare” toothbrush and uses a soft, gentle brush that oscillates back and forth over the skin, claiming to remove six times more make-up, dirt and oil than cleansing by hand. It’s been a huge hit in the US and has proved equally as popular in the UK since it arrived in Space NK last year. I bought a professional version, which I use on some clients during the cleansing phase of a facial with a suitable cleanser.

What are the benefits of using Clarisonic?

Clarisonic’s soft, gentle brush oscillates back and forth more than 300 times per second. It claims to cleanse so well that products are better absorbed, one recent study showed 61% better absorption of Vitamin C cream. Skin is softer, oily areas and dry patches are reduced and pores appear smaller, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The Clarisonic can be used in the shower, bath or at the sink and there is a choice of different brush heads and speeds.

The Risk of Over Exfoliation

Basically though, we must understand that the Clarisonic is an exfoliating tool, that physically lifts off dry skin cells and, in the process, remove dirt, oil and make-up. My only concern with the Clarisonic is how often they recommend you use it. They say it is gentle enough to use twice daily, which in my professional opinion, may be too much for most people – especially as we are all most likely using other exfoliating products with AHA’s or BHA’s, enzymes, exfoliating scrubs or masks and retinol products. So you can see how easy it would be to seriously over exfoliate your skin, and in the process cause dryness and damage your skin’s lipid barrier. When you damage your skin’s barrier, you allow moisture to leak out of the cells more easily, causing skin dehydration and sensitivity, this can also cause chronic inflammation (you may not even see any signs) setting off a cascade of free radical damage which is a major cause of skin ageing.

However if used in moderation then it’s a very useful tool! We don’t want to exfoliate to the point where we damage healthy cells, but a little skin trauma is good occasionally as it triggers our skin to go into repair mode and stimulates cellular regeneration. I found the Clarisonic gives your skin a nice glow and the sonic massage feels really nice on your facial muscles, especially if you hold tension in your face/jaw. I am using mine about 2-3 times per week, as I am using Jan Marini’s skincare management system with glycolic acid, so it can be useful to lift off any dry dead cells that the glycolic products have dissolved.  Do remember with any exfoliation, that we must bathe the freshly exposed skin cells with a hydrating serum/moisturiser and antioxidants and most importantly an SPF!!

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