The Clear Skin Cookbook by Dale Pinnock

I think by now we all know that what we eat and drink makes a huge impact on the quality of our skin and how we will age. Dale Pinnock is the UK’s first medicinal chef and his book explains how what we eat can affect our skin and how to improve the overall radiance and appearance of our skin.

Clear Skin CookbookThe right food can improve your skin!

This is something that I am passionate about as well as topical skincare, and believe you need to treat your skin from inside and outside to really make improvements and prevent damage in the longterm.


Also if you suffer from certain skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne then this is valuable information for you to incorporate into your treatment.

This little book is so easy to follow and really interesting in terms of knowing why certain compounds (vitamins, minerals, fats and plant chemicals) in our food can help your skin and protect it, also knowing how the skin functions and what it needs to be in optimum health is empowering and motivating. It contains some really yummy and easy recipes for breakfasts, soups, starters, main dishes, desserts, snacks and drinks.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in improving skin, energy and ageing well!


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