The Fragrant Pharmacy

Valerie Ann Worwood’s Fragrant Pharmacy has been my aromatherapy bible since I was 18! I have read this from cover to cover many times and always turn to this for any information on essential oils.

This book really is a complete guide to aromatherapy & essential oils for everybody to use at home and work.  There are sections on essential oils for use around the house and in the office, also oils for pets and even essential oils in cooking which includes lots of recipes.

There is a treasury of information about these precious and health enhancing liquids that Valerie refers to as “Medicines out of the earth“. My favourite chapters include the “basic care kit” which are Valerie’s ten most versatile oils for the average home medicine chest. Being a beauty therapist, I of course love the “Fragrant way to Beauty“, it has some great recipes in regards to blending your own facial oils for different skin types and making your own flower water toners.

There is a brilliant blend for insect repellent, and I make this up every summer to help repel the ghastly Gnats! it really does work and if you get caught out their is also a great soothing remedy.

Another chapter I like is the “Gardens for the future“, as I am a keen gardener I find this very interesting and have been using essential oils in my garden to deal with pests with great results. The information on plants and there wonderful oils is lovely to read, I think anyone who loves essential oils will be interested to know about the actual growing and cultivation of the actual plants they come from.

This book is a plethora of information on essential oils and how they can help us in our busy lives. Our families and pets can all benefit from the powers of aromatherapy and every household should have a copy of this.

The fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood is published by Bantam Books.

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