A-LIFT Nano Current Facial

A-LIFT Nano Current Lifting Facial £125

The A-LIFT is an age-reversal treatment that uses unique nano-current technology to re-energise cells in the skin. Using patented Nano Current technology it works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the skin, draining toxins, increasing collagen producing, reducing wrinkles and charging the cells with energy. Once your cells are re-charged they will divide and make more cells, plumping and firming the tissue to give you a more youthful look.

How does the A-LIFT get results?

The body is made up of millions of electronically charged cells which continuously break down and make more cells. This regeneration process peaks at around 25, after that it slows down resulting in the loss of muscle tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The A-LIFT treatment has been designed based on medical research to activate and imitate the body’s natural cell regeneration process. A-LIFT delivers nano current (measured in billionths of an amp) that are in sync with the unique natural frequency of your body to “recharge cells”.

Everyone has their own individual electrical current running through their bodies which charges each cells’ battery. These batteries are called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and by applying an external current that copies the body’s electrical frequency, cells can be recharged, boosting ATP levels and triggering the rejuvenation process.

The A-LIFT Machine

  1. The A-LIFT treatment starts with cleansing and steam.
  2. An active serum is applied, depending on your skin’s needs, either plant stem cells, Growth factors or Hyaluronic Acid/peptides. The conducting gel is applied.
  3. Lymph drainage is applied using the machine to drain toxins from the skin, reducing puffiness and brightening the skin.
  4. Cell regeneration type 1 and 2 is applied, this is the step that “recharges” the cells, making them behave younger.
  5. Lifting the muscles, we can focus in on any areas of concern and either shorten or lengthen muscles.
  6. Application of moisturiser, eye cream and sunscreen.

A-LIFT Nano Current can be combined with digital skin needling, Oxygen Infusions and LED Mask treatments.