Electrical Cocktails Skin Treatment

 Electrical Cocktails

 60 minutes £130

 90 minutes deluxe £175 (includes either light digital skin needling or a Cosmedix Today peel)

Electricity is the “Essence of Life” and using stimulating electric currents in facial treatments isn’t anything new, but what is new and modern is combining different types of frequencies and types of current to the skin to achieve a better result, AKA – Electrical Cocktails.

Electrical Cocktails can Lift, Sculpt, Heal and Regenerate on a cellular level

My Electrical Cocktails include and start with Radio Frequency (solo), followed with Nano Current and Micro Current, this combination will be working to achieve the following:

  • Stimulate Collagen and Elastin (Collagen Re-modelling) – Radio Frequency and Nano/micro current
  • Skin Tightening – Radio Frequency causes a contraction of facial skin through deep heat
  • Healing and enhancing skin health – Nano Current breathes new life into skin cells
  • Charges up cell fuel ATP – The superiority of Nano Current comes into its own here
  • Lifting, sculpting and Shaping the muscles of the face and neck – Micro Current and RF

Using Cosmedix Chirally correct skin care tailored to your skin, serums are massaged into the skin and a conducting gel before the electrical currents are applied to the skin: ingredients can be driven deeper in the skin using Radio Frequency and Nano/Micro Current. My signature Electrical Cocktails can significantly help damaged, diseased and ageing skin tissues and help your body to regain healthy skin function.

I recommend a course of Electrical Cocktails before you progress onto more invasive treatments like skin needling or a Cosmedix Tomorrow Peel as your skin will be a in a more healthy place and more able to heal/regenerate.

Book an appointment online  This treatment is available in London with Julia at The Hale Clinic.

I use the A-LIFT Nano current machine to deliver the Nano and Micro Current in my Electrical Cocktails.