Viridian – Vitamins With A Heart

Viridian NutritionThe Vitamin Company with an Organic Heart.

Viridian is a big hearted company, committed to creating a  nutritional supplement range with integrity, quality and innovation.

The company was founded in 1999 on two fundamental principles: to develop a range of supplements with the highest possible ethical standard and to generate significant funds for children’s and environmental charities.

In fact, so far, Viridian has been able to donate more than £75,000 to charities including Friends of the Earth, NSPCC, Childline, UNICEF, Trees for Cities, Jack & Jill Foundation, Comic Relief, RSPB, Terrence Higgins Trust, Shelter the Woodland Trust , Save the Children and  more.

By choosing Viridian Nutrition as your preferred vitamins, you will not only be benefiting your own health, but also helping benefit the lives of others.

Purity Matters!

Did you know that 50% of a tablet is made up of glues, known as binders, to hold the tablet together? For most people this is just an irritating fact, but for people who are hyper-allergenic, this can be a real issue. Would you add magnesium stearate, stearic acid, shellac, talc or colourings to your meal, in the way you’d sprinkle over salt or pepper? Neither would we, by making the capsules, liquids and powders as pure and simple as possible, avoiding all the nasties, Viridian have shown that it is possible to make a range of nutritional supplements acceptable for the majority of people.

Guaranteed Passion

Viridian are passionate about:

  • 100% active ingredients
  • No nasty additives
  • UK manufacture
  • Green business practices
  • Supporting the community
  • Organics
  • Non-GM
  • Non-irradiated

More than 40% of the Viridian Nutrition range is certified organic by the Soil Association, guaranteeing the provenance and eco-friendliness of the ingredients. All the Viridian fresh organic tinctures and ointments are grown and traditionally made in the UK, reducing the environmental impact of transporting ingredients around the world. Viridian use minimal packaging for the products, all made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Multi award-winning range

Viridian has won numerous awards for its ethical positioning including Best Ethical range from Here’s Health magazine. Ethical Consumer magazine named Viridian “Best Buy” for vitamins.

We are proud to stock such a great brand that supplies some really cutting edge supplements – we favour some of the products with a focus on the skin and keeping us young by preventing damage, as great health equals great skin!

View Viridian in the Skin Supplements range in our Skincare Shop . Please ask me if you are unsure of what supplements will be right for your concerns/skin conditions.

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