Jade Face Roller

Yuroll Medium Roller

Yuroll Medium Roller is a Jade Facial Massaging tool. The medium roller measures 4.5 x 2.5 and ideal for use on the forehead, cheeks, neck and jawline. Using broad sweeps, roll across the forehead, cheeks, throat and decolletage. Not forgetting to target the jawline, where congestion and muscular tension can build up. Also feels nice if you have a tension headache around the forehead and temples as the Jade has a cooling effect and is said to disperse negative energy.

Regular rolling, stimulates lymphatic drainage and by improving the circulation increases the Oxygen supply to the face, thus enhancing the general bloom and radiance. Incorporating acupressure and massage principles, facial rolling will ensure a lean, re-contoured, wonderfully smooth face; thoroughly toned and with improved elasticity

You can use your roller with oil or just by itself – I favor a little Rose hip Seed Oil or some Viridian Beauty Oil – this smells beautiful and sends me off to sleep!

Yurolls are beautiful objects and hand made from solid Jade – if you drop them they will most likely break! so be gentle. Ideal as a gorgeous gift for the skincare fanatic!

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